Independent research ethics review

We have been providing guidance, support, and ethical review services for researchers in Aotearoa since 2012.

Nau mai | Welcome

The Aotearoa Research Ethics Committee, formerly the New Zealand Ethics Committee, is an independent, not-for-profit ethics advisory committee based in Aotearoa New Zealand. Our role is to provide independent ethical review of community research conducted in Aotearoa New Zealand, and to safeguard the rights and well-being of research participants and researchers.

We offer ethics review to community, professional, and government researchers who are not eligible to apply to the standing ethics committees for tertiary institutions or the health and disability sector. We are committed to providing guidance and support to researchers with the aim of furthering ethical research in Aotearoa.

Seeking review through the Aotearoa Research Ethics Committee is a voluntary process. Researchers may walk away from the process at any stage. Keeping this in mind helps the review committee respect the dignity and autonomy of the researcher in the same way that ethical research should respect the dignity and autonomy of the participants.

Why apply for ethics review?

A growing number of researchers are choosing to submit research applications for review by the Aotearoa Research Ethics Committee and formerly, the New Zealand Ethics Committee. Researchers seek review voluntarily and they may withdraw an application at any stage.

You may want to consider having an ethical review of your research project if:

  • you are gathering information or data and want to ensure you are adhering to ethical standards;
  • you want to ensure that your research design is ethically sound and protects the rights of your participants;
  • you want to ensure you have considered and minimised any risk for participants;
  • you want to ensure that your research has beneficial outcomes;
  • you want to increase the legitimacy of your research and perhaps publish your results;
  • your funding requires ethical review.

You can find more details about applying for review under REVIEW PROCESS.

“I wish to thank the committee for what you do by your review process, which for me is thought-provoking and a great reminder to not be complacent about ethical / evaluation / research matters and the ways in which I articulate them. Thank you also for your genuine support and willingness to awhi and support my application process”.

Shaun Akroyd, Managing Director, Akroyd Research & Evaluation